A consistent performer across all regions!

  • Stable yield across all regions
  • Excellent disease profile
  • Good Gross output



Hinsta is one of a new generation of hybrids from KWS which include bolt on traits that the innovative farmers expect. KWS Hinsta is a high gross output variety with an oil content of 46.2%. It has consistent yields of 107 in all regions It has medium maturity, later to flower, has the pod shatter gene and good resistance to lodging (8.6). KWS Hinsta has above average early vigour. With regards to disease resistance KWS Hinsta has a strong package with solid phoma stem canker and light leaf spot resistance both rated a 7, as well as resistance to TuYV. Trials have shown that KWS Hinsta has outstanding tolerance to Verticillium Stem Stripe. N.

N.B. HINSTA is not National Listed, this information does not constitute an offer for sale. This variety is subject to a pre NL Marketing agreement

HINSTA data sheet
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