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    SMART Crop Rotation

SMART farmers have a SMART crop rotation

A diverse crop rotation with a mixture of summer and winter crops is the foundation for long-term productivity, not only for CONVISO® SMART, but across all crops. When planning your crop rotation, keep in mind:

Why is it important to choose the correct crop following CONVISO® SMART sugarbeet?

The following crop might be sensitive to the herbicide CONVISO® ONE and carry-over effects could occur. Herbicide carry-over is the potential of the herbicide to harm crops in the following crop rotation. There are 3 main risk factors:

Which crops are suitable to grow in the rotation after CONVISO® SMART sugar beet?


After Crop failure due to frost or flooding in the same spring

  • SMART KWS sugarbeet

  • Corn (after ploughing)


Autumn Sowing

  • Winter Wheat


In the year after application in a normal crop rotation:

  • Spring wheat
  • Spring barley
  • Corn

  • Peas
  • Field beans
  • Sunflowers
  • Soybeans
  • Potatoes (waiting time 1 year *)
  • Spring oilseed rape (waiting time 1 year *
  • Mustard (as green manure)

A diverse crop rotation is the foundation for the future sustainability of your fields.
Christina Wellhausen , International Agroservice Sugar Beet, KWS

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SMART Farmers go for a SMART Crop Rotation!