The low risk, high yielding feed barley for the East

  • High-yielding 2-row feed barley performing well in the AHDB East
  • Stiff strawed
  • Early to mature with good grain quality



KWS Hawking has exceptional yield potential and will appeal to growers in the East (102%) where, in KWS trials, its best performances have been seen to date. It is a low-risk variety with no major weaknesses and is a natural progression from KWS Orwell for growers that are looking for a step-up in yield; it’s also the ideal choice for growers looking for that same stiff straw they’ve come to rely upon with Orwell. KWS Hawking does not require the same attention to detail on PGR applications as many commercialised 2-rows, which will be a big bonus for those looking to reduce inputs or stretch application windows, or drilling on heavier land. KWS Hawking boasts a strong set of agronomic features with no major disease weaknesses and resistance to BaYMV. An added benefit is that KWS Hawking is an earlier maturing type; in KWS trials for the past few seasons, KWS Hawking has been significantly ahead of its stablemates in reaching ear emergence in May.

KWS Hawking is no longer recommended. All data is taken from the 2023/24 Recommended List.

KWS HAWKING data sheet

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