(AHDB Candidate)

The ruler of yellow rust resistance

  • Potential nabim Group 3 wheat with a great grain package
  • Good performance in the East thanks to excellent yellow rust resistance (9) and OWBM
  • Good HFN with excellent resistance to sprouting



KWS Guium is the perfect wheat to schedule on farm this year. Suited to being drilled October onwards, KWS Guium is later maturing (+2) which enables the spreading of the workload at harvest. The excellent sprouting resistance also adds flexibility during this time.

With good yellow rust resistance (9) and OWBM, the variety performs well in the East. Whilst a robust fungicide programme is recommened to get the best out of this variety.

KWS Guium is one of the few varieties not to be based on Cougar and as such it is a useful addition on farm to increase genetic diversity into the wheat rotation.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS GUIUM data sheet

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