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CONVISO® SMART broadens up the world of weed control in sugar beet growing.

The system consits of two components:

  • 1. SMART KWS varieties, bred by KWS, specifically tolerant to CONVISO® ONE
  • 2. CONVISO® ONE herbicide developed by Bayer

Your SMART benefits:

  • Best crop safety with SMART varieties

  • Efficient weed control with only 1 application

  • Strong solution against hard to fight weeds

  • More sustainable sugar beet cultivation

Both the contact and residual performance of CONVISO® ONE herbicide is excellent. Fields are clean, even in a year where conditions have made effective control difficult or protracted to achieve. We will certainly be using the CONVISO® SMART system again for its practical and management benefits.
John Barrett, Director at Sentry Ltd
CONVISO® SMART – The KWS Manual for UK Growers

CONVISO® SMART – watch the SMART way of weed control

For more information visit the CONVISO SMART website now!
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