Forage performance to reign supreme!

FAO 160/170

  • High DM yield in the early segment
  • Very high starch
  • Top early vigour



  • High DM yield in the early segment – 18.1 t/ha DM on the NIAB 2023 List
  • Top early vigour (7.0)
  • Very high starch 36% and leading starch yields/ha
  • Fantastic energy content (11.88 MJ/kg DM) driving animal performance
  • Moderate stay green for faster ripening
  • Dual use forage and AD for harvest spread
  • Also suitable for CCM
  • Date source: NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. First Choice varieties for favourable sites (2024).
AVITUS KWS offers high DM & starch output, plus rapid early vigour. Seed rate management is advised to maximise harvest security, on exposed sites.
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AVITUS KWS data sheet

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