Exceptional ME and early vigour!

FAO 160

  • Good early vigour for early or late drilling
  • Above average starch
  • Delivers great consistency year after year



  • Above average DM yield for its maturity - (95%) across all sites
  • Good early vigour (7.5) gives rapid establishment for early or late drilling
  • Above average starch (36.7%)
  • Ideal for heavier soils due to early vigour performace
  • Exceptional ME (11.79 MJ/kg DM) to boost ration density and animal performance
  • Data source: NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. Second choice varieties for less favourable sites (2020)
SERGIO KWS provides rapid early vigour, early maturity & proven ripening stability.
Breeder's view
SERGIO KWS data sheet

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