The new standard in earliness

  • High yeilding 2-row feed candidate, with good performance in the East
  • Early to mature and one of the first varieties to reach ear emergence
  • Good disease resistance package including 8 for Net Blotch



A harvest 2020 candidate, KWS Oasis brings earliness of ear emergence combined with high yield to the Recommended List Trials. In KWS trials in 2018, KWS Oasis emerged significantly ahead of winter varieties such as Funky and KWS Orwell.

A high yielding 2-row feed, KWS Oasis has performed especially well over contrasting years with high yield in the East. It has a good balanced disease package including an 8 for the all-important Net Blotch and 6 for Rhynchosporium. Not only that it has short stiff straw with good specific weight.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS OASIS data sheet
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