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As a leading and independent seed specialist globally, KWS strives to offer farmers worldwide innovative solutions for profitable and sustainable agriculture.

We achieve this by being a true partner to farmers through innovative breeding methods, top digital consultancy via myKWS and a diverse portfolio where genetics and plant protection products are optimised to boost yields and deliver sustainable crop production.

What does this mean for UK farmers?

80% of the results you will see at harvest are locked into the seed that you sow
Dr Kirsty Richards, Cereals Product Manager

Sowing for Peak Performance

Sowing for Peak Performance (SPP) is KWS’s fundamental breeding objective that underpins all cereal genetic development now and into the future.

It’s based on the premise that 80% of your crop’s potential is locked in by the seed you buy and sow. Whilst of course, you can finetune this with the correct Nitrogen levels, using fungicides wisely to protect it from disease, and paying attention to basic management principles but once you’ve made your variety choice, your production potential is largely set.

So to get the best performance on your farm it is critical that when you choose your variety, you are using a wealth of data to tailor your choice for both your farm and individual field situation.

Working with businesses across the agrisupply chain, we’ve identified five key needs that growers must address if they are to keep their business profitable and environmentally sustainable in the years ahead. Each of these carries a commitment from KWS to ensure our genetics address these as far as possible.

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5 key requirements for profitable and sustainable UK crops and how SPP can help now and in the future:

By using KWS’s SPP ethos, growers can be assured that proactive variety choice will fix 80% of your crop performance. This will pay off, both in cost and time, at time of sowing, during the growing season, and through to harvest.

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