The highest yielding candidate for 2019/20

  • Highest yielding Group 4 candidate
  • Excellent specific weight and very stiff straw
  • Great all-round disease package including resistance to OWBM



KWS Kinetic is the highest yielding Group 4 candidate for 2019/20. Over the past two years it has given a 3% yield advantage over the control variety, KWS Santiago. This, coupled with a high untreated yield and a number of important characteristics, makes KWS Kinetic a very exciting new variety for farmers.

KWS Kinetic has a good disease package, including 6s across the board and the added benefit of OWBM resistance. It’s a variety that stands well in the field due to its very stiff straw.

With an outstanding specific weight of 78.8 kg/hl and the right balance of protein and HFN, KWS Kinetic is able to fulfil the high volume feed market requirements successfully.

Kinetic 2019 graph

Kinetic 2019 graph

Characteristics in numbers

KWS KINETIC data sheet
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