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    The aim of the Maize Seed Service is to grant a 50% discount of seed purchase costs for re-sowing in the same season.

How to report a damage

The following video describes step by step what needs to be done to report a damage and access to the 50% resowing for the Maize Seed Service trool

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1. upload proof of purchase - 0:33

2. create new beat - 1:30

  • a. Draw - 1:54
  • b. Import - 2:37
  • c. Beat management - 3:04

3. add stroke details - 3:29

4. report damage - 4:35

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The use of the tool at a glance

Register with myKWS

Register for free at "myKWS" (in the navigation at the top right). If you do not have an account yet, please register with your complete address.

Register areas

In the Maize Seed sService, prove the purchase of KWS maize seed by uploading a delivery note or invoice. Then create your fields. You can draw in your field boundaries manually or import them. Add sowing details to your information no later than 5 days after sowing.

Reporting claims

If damage occurs to your maize fields and the field is to be turned over, report the damage in the tool. You will receive a refund of 50% on the seed price for reseeding in case of frost or bird damage for KWS seeds treated with INITIO BIRD PROTECT

Frequently asked questions about the Maize Seed Service

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