Art meets Science: Wonderful perspectives open when art and science meet in an exhibition

Einbeck, 13.07.2020

Three colleagues from KWS' Research and Development department, Susana Martin Ortigosa, Christina Rode and David Pacheco Villalobos, are always amazed at the mysterious images and perspectives they encounter every day in research and their routine work. Images that appear as a by-product of their daily work come to the fore for them. Images that are part of research results, be it under the microscope or in the field or greenhouse, suddenly become more. Their shared fascination has given rise to an art project, the results of which now decorate the walls of KWS' BioTechnikum 1 and 2 research buildings. The exhibition "Art meets Science" will be shown online on the KWS art homepage from July 15.

The "Art meets Science" exhibition brings art and science particularly close together. The three researchers wanted to share these fascinating image worlds with their colleagues from other departments at KWS. This gave rise to the idea of bringing science and art together and making them visible in an exhibition. An exhibition concept was developed in collaboration with the artist and photographer Volker Crone. Following a company-wide call, many other employees, including those from KWS' locations around the world, submitted images.

The pictures represented in the exhibition often have a surprisingly artistic quality on a formal and aesthetic level. The fantastic images inspire associations with abstract and non-figurative art and open many possibilities of interpretation when viewed. Besides the frequent occurrence of grids, mostly organic forms can be found and give the pictures a very sensual effect. Fascinated and inspired by the work of scientists, Volker Crone is creating together with the researchers, and especially for "Art meets Science", a new series of photographic works.

The exhibition opens an exciting dialogue between scientific and artistic photography, in which not only differences show up, but also many similarities in the approach of the two disciplines. Although the pictures are created from different motivations, the making of pictures, both in science and art, is about making visible and conveying information from which a conclusion can be drawn. Thus, the exhibition "Art meets Science" also explores the question of the context in which pictures are taken and how different meanings are derived from them. It thus becomes clear what a creative exchange between art and research can look like, and how the two seemingly different disciplines can also enrich each other.

From July 15, 2020, to October 12, 2020, you have the opportunity to experience the exhibition on the KWS art homepage at Art historian Elmas Şenol and photographer Volker Crone will guide you through the works in conversation.

"Art meets Science" - KWS & team

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