Matter, Energy and Space: Reverse Glass Paintings and Virtual Space Works by Michael Burges move into the rooms of the KWS Biotechnikum

Einbeck, 13.03.2024

As part of Art in the BiT, the Düsseldorf-based internationally active artist Michael Burges is showing us a selection from the series "Reverse Glass Paintings" and "Virtual Space Works": The exhibition “Matter, Energy and Space" will open on Wednesday, March 20 at 6 p.m. in the KWS Biotechnikum.

An artwork from michael burges dislayed on a white wall at BiT

Detail from: Reverse Glass Painting No.13 - 2023; Image author: Michael Burges, Photo: Alter Ego Studio - Andre Germar, hannover; Image use: Use permitted for editorial articles about KWS, provided the source is acknowledged. Commercial distribution to third parties is not permitted.

A total of 15 works will move into the rooms of the Biotechnikum and with their colorfulness, radiate an energy that is impossible to escape.

In his "Reverse Glass Paintings", the artist Michael Burges takes up themes from previous series of works and processes them in a variety of colors, patterns and pictorial forms behind acrylic glass panels.

He throws, squeezes and squeegees the paint behind the glass, leaving formations and overlaps to chance. A complete application of paint as a background gives support to what has gone before.

The choice of color is intuitive. The artist's natural preferences determine the composition as a matter of course.

With his "Virtual Space Works", Burges overcomes the material surface of the picture and opens up new dimensions by placing his painting in a box with a diffuser pane. It cannot be seen through this pane but can only be sensed as an imaginary image. The location of the painting is no longer physically determinable, but shifts into the mind of the viewer, through which the painting is perceived.

In this way, the artist invites visitors to engage with their own perception.

The vernissage for the exhibition "Matter, Energy and Space" will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 6 p.m. in the Biotechnikum on the KWS premises in Einbeck.

Dr. Peter Hofmann, member of the KWS Executive Board, will open the exhibition.

Dr. Bettina Ruhrberg, Director of the Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar, will explain the works.

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"Matter, Energy and Space" – Michael Burges

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