Einbeck Art Sunday: NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, StadtMuseum and Kunsthaus open their exhibitions again on April 16.

Einbeck, 06.04.2023

Spring invites you to take a stroll through downtown Einbeck on a Sunday afternoon. On April 16, between 3 and 5 p.m., art can be enjoyed at several locations: The NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, the StadtMuseum and the Kunsthaus will open their current exhibitions and invite all art lovers and those who would like to become one to visit. The StadtMuseum is showing the exhibition "Ukraine: Blue Sky, Golden Field" by Natálie Prindull and her daughter Martina Singerová in its house Auf dem Steinwege. The NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge on Tiedexer Straße is showing "Meeting Room" by Christian Holze. Kunsthaus Einbeck on Knochenhauerstraße opens with its exhibition "Revision" by Imke Weichert. Admission is free at all venues.

Image title: from left, Frank Thiele, Kunsthaus, Bettina Alex, NEWCOMER, Imke Weichert, Einbecker StadtMuseum <br> Image author: Frank Bertram

Image title: from left, Frank Thiele, Kunsthaus, Bettina Alex, NEWCOMER, Imke Weichert, Einbecker StadtMuseum
Image author: Frank Bertram

The Einbeck Art Sunday will be held regularly in the future to make the currently running exhibitions accessible on Sunday afternoons at coffee time. "Other interested organizers are invited to join in the future," say Bettina Alex, Public Affairs & Arts at KWS, museum educator Dr. Imke Weichert and the chairman of Kunsthaus Einbeck, Frank Thiele.

At the StadtMuseum Einbeck, paintings are on display in the spirit of Ukraine and in support of Ukraine (until April 21). How is the conflict there reflected in our lives? How do we observe this war and how does it affect our perception? These are questions that Natálie Prindull and her daughter Martina Singerová ask in the exhibition "Ukraine: Blue Sky, Golden Field". The title refers to the symbol of the Ukrainian flag. Both artists reflect the theme with their own means. Natálie Prindull's black and white paintings open spaces into invisible black depths, into which the human soul is capable of falling and where cruelty and rage reign. The intermingling of light and dark surfaces connected by gray smoke can be seen as a struggle between good and evil or as a confrontation of spaces. Jewelry and small objects by Martina Singerová treat the theme of the sun as a source of warmth and hope: a hope in war as a perspective that gives strength and hope that brings new beginnings.

The NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge will host the exhibition "Meeting Room" by Kaiserring fellow Christian Holze. The artist explores the connections and intersections of art, technology and business and asks questions about authorship, commercialization and copying in the visual arts. In his works, he combines 3D graphics, photography, painting, sculpture and installation to create hybrids. In the virtual world, masterpieces of antiquity are experiencing a revival and are marketed there in other contexts; web portals distribute them as 3D scans. On the basis of such commercially used images, the artist develops computer graphics that he further processes and alienates in simulated space using various methods. In the case of the Farnesian bull from the ancient Laocoon group, for example, the artist works with the motif in two ways: as a painter on the one hand, and as a sculptor on the other. A selection of his works made especially for the rooms of the NECOMER Art Lounge can be seen here (until May 12).

At Kunsthaus Einbeck, Imke Weichert presents her paintings under the title "Revision". The exhibition ends on April 16 with the Art Sunday. The artist from Eddigehausen-Rauschenwasser presents a series of paintings that began in Lockdown 2020. After thorough sifting and review of her stock of images from the recent 15 years, a revision even, many works became the basis for new ones. In part, Imke Weichert has continued landscape scenes in the direction of abstraction; color and formal design moved into the foreground. Other pictures were overpainted with new motifs and only in individual passages the original motif can be recognized. The results are landscapes based on familiar motifs from the environment of the studio Rauschenwasser, freely developed in strong colors and floral motifs.

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