"Art on Sunday" during Advent: five exhibition venues in Einbeck open their doors to visitors on December 10

Einbeck, December 1, 2023

The Advent season invites you to take a stroll through Einbeck's city center on a Sunday afternoon. Art can be enjoyed at several locations on December 10 between 2 and 5 pm: the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, the StadtMuseum, the Kunsthaus and, for the first time, the Cestnik-Haus and the "Druckerbande" will be opening their current exhibitions and inviting all art enthusiasts and those who would like to become one to visit. The StadtMuseum is showing the exhibition "...am Anfang war Einbeck" with street photography from the seventies by Ulrich Haufe in its building Auf dem Steinwege. In the NEWCOMER Art Lounge in Tiedexer Straße, "Screenplay" by the Gruppe Stumpf can be experienced. The Kunsthaus Einbeck on Knochenhauerstraße opens with a retrospective of portraits by Einbeck artist Egon Wuttke. In the Cestnik-Haus on Wolperstraße, paintings by Franz Cestnik can be seen, including some fitting for the end of the bock beer year. At the "Druckerbande" on Möncheplatz, everyone can get active and design their own screen-printed Christmas cards. Admission is free at all locations.

"Art on Sunday" aims to make the current exhibitions in Einbeck accessible on Sunday afternoons at coffee time. All venues are within easy walking distance and it is possible to stop off at the Christmas market. "We are delighted that this time, for the first time, the Cestnik-Haus and the Druckerbande are involved," say Bettina Alex, Public Affairs & Arts at KWS, museum educator Dr. Imke Weichert and the chairman of the Kunsthaus Einbeck, Frank Thiele. "Other interested organizers are welcome to join in 2024."

At the StadtMuseum Einbeck Photographs by Ulrich Haufe from Einbeck 50 years ago are on display: in the early 1970s, the young schoolboy photographed people in everyday situations in his home town. At the time, he was not yet aware that he was following the genre of street photography. What he achieved back then amazed him years later when he rediscovered old photos in his archive, more by accident than anything else. These showed the filmmaker and film producer that the foundations for his professional interest in visual discovery had been laid early on, as Ulrich Haufe himself says: "...in the beginning was Einbeck." It was here where he began to learn to see, to recognize the moment of the instant. The photographs on display document everyday scenes and the coming together of completely different generations but are also studies of the milieu and historical testimony of Einbeck a good 50 years ago. A catalog has been published in cooperation with the Einbeck Historical Society to accompany the exhibition, which is on display until December 23 and is available at the StadtMuseum. Ulrich Haufe will be present on Art Sunday to guide visitors through his exhibition.

The rooms of the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge become a multiverse for the exhibition "Screenplay" by artist duo Gruppe Stumpf. Since 2014, Jan Neukirchen and Christian Lohre have been operating in the field of tension between sculpture, installation, sound art and performance. They have developed a concept especially for NEWCOMER that separates the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery but also reconnects them. In this way, the artists allow the features mentioned, which are considered controversial here, to interact. Visitors experience very special spatial and sensory experiences through projection machines that transport sound and image productions. "Screenplay" can be seen until February 3.

The Kunsthaus Einbeck is showing a retrospective of paintings by Einbeck painter Egon Wuttke. The former director of the Einbeck district court, who died in 2022, mainly pursued his passion for painting in private. He began to engage intensively with art back in the 1950s. Egon Wuttke left behind an extensive oeuvre of abstract oil paintings typical of his time, as well as early portrait drawings, a selection of which will be on display for the first time at the Kunsthaus Einbeck from December 9.

In the Cestnik-Haus, the first room shows pictures from Franz Cestnik's beginnings as a painter; his first watercolors, pencil drawings, Oil crayon and red chalk drawings as well as his first drypoint etching and his first two woodcuts will also be on display. In the other rooms, woodcuts, etchings and oil paintings will be available to see, all of which relate to the bock beer year, i.e. people drinking and celebrating. The bock beer year 2023 is coming to an end these days.

The "Druckerbande" will become a screen printing Christmas print shop on Art Sunday. After the Christmas print shop on the previous Saturday (December 9) in the "Druckerbande" was all about letterpress printing, it's screen printing's turn at "Kunst am Sonntag". Together with "Rakelkrakel" (Rabea Krause and Kirsten Gattermann), anyone interested can try their hand at printing individual Christmas cards using a screen and squeegee. It will be colorful and graphic - a good opportunity not only to look at this art form, but also to try it out for yourself.

"SCREENPLAY" – Gruppe Stumpf

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