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Book presentation April 20 to May 12

Dear art friends,

The !Xun & Khwe Art Project was created in 1993 in a refugee camp in Schmidtsdrift, South Africa. After participating in the struggle for liberation from colonial rule, endangered members of the San people from Namibia and Angola were resettled there. Eventually they found their final home in a self-governing community in Platfontein, South Africa.

There, the art of the !Xun and Khwe emerged in a short period of change from a traditional way of life to a modern, globalized society. This is what makes them so unique.

Ferciano Ndala, Tanga and Eland

Ferciano Ndala, Tanga and Eland

Together with the international art book publisher arnoldsche Art publishers, Hella Rabbethge-Schiller has published a book about her collection that shows the extraordinary creative power and visual expressiveness of San art in energetic images!

Hella Rabbethge-Schiller standing in front of her collection

Hella Rabbethge-Schiller

The publication of this book represents a milestone in her many years as a collector and is an expression of her passion for the art of the !Xun and the Khwe!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

KWS Art Team

The book "The !Xun & Khwe Art Project" with contributions by Tomsen Nore, David Morris, Carol Kaufmann, Bettina Ruhrberg, Hella Rabbethge-Schiller and a foreword by Khulu Mbatha is now available in bookshops. ISBN 978-3-89790-705-8

You can get a first impression in the NEWCOMER KWS Art Workshop! There you will find presentation samles and a selection of the collection displayed on the walls, enriched by photography from Paul Weinberg.

Poster for the book presentation

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