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    Corporate Responsibility

We think and behave generationally

For us, corporate sustainability means long-term economic success. In the past, this was only possible through cross-generational thinking and behaviors. The goal of the owner families was and is to pass on their shares to the next generations. We will continue to do this in the future in order to remain successful.

That is why the entrepreneurial principles—independence, innovation and responsibility—form a triad for corporate development, which ultimately enables holistic sustainability economically, ecologically and socially. Only in this way can we make a difference in the world and make our contribution to more sustainable agriculture and other environmental and social goals.


Independence as a condition

As an independent, family-owned business, we have the necessary entrepreneurial stability and the freedom to innovate. We can act as an independent provider, focusing on the long-term needs of agriculture and society, and not be driven by short-term shareholder interests.

Innovative and responsible action

A high level of investment in research & development enables innovation for sustainable agriculture: Yield increases, nutrient efficiency and tolerances and resistances of the seed we offer. A deep foothold in family values within the company ensures innovation based on responsibility and prevention.

The result is holistic sustainability.

Independence, innovation and responsibility make holistic economic, ecological and social sustainability possible: in other words, profitable growth for KWS coupled with a contribution to the environment and society. We have had success with this in the past, and we will continue to build on it in the future.

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