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    Human Rights

Our Commitment and Due Diligence Approach

Respect for human rights is a fundamental component of KWS´s Corporate Governance. KWS maintains a strong commitment to respecting all internationally recognized human rights.

Our human rights due diligence approach is based on the requirements of the UN Global Compact and follows the principles of responsible business conduct. Our focus is on different fields of action where we are able to exercise our influence as a commercial enterprise.

Key Policies and Codes

KWS´s Human Rights Policy elaborates on the human rights commitment of our Code of Business Ethics and the Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers. Whereas we conduct our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of people, and we expect that the internationally accepted human rights are also respected by our business partners along the value chain.

You can find our Human Rights Policy in the download area:

KWS´s Human Rights Policy

Furthermore, we have a comprehensive set of company codes where we underscore the commitment to respecting human rights in our own operation as well as along our value chains.

Hereby, the most important documents are:

Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics read more Download
Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers read more Download

Implementation of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in the Supply Chain

The legislation obliges companies in Germany, from a certain size, to prevent or minimize human rights and environmental risks in their own business area and supply chains. The law applies to KWS as of 01.01.2024.

The implementation of the law is managed by the area of Corporate Risk & Sustainability, which is responsible for the overall coordination of the company-wide implementation of the legal requirements. To identify potential human rights and environmental risks in our own business area and in the supply chain we conduct annual and, when necessary, ad-hoc risk assessments. Based on these assessments we identify the priority human rights areas and plan the implementation of due diligence measures to prevent, mitigate and cease human rights and environmental risk. Please find more information on our approach in the Human Right Policy.

Complaints Mechanism

All KWS Employees as well as workers in our value chain or any other concerned third party are encouraged to report breaches of our codes or human rights and environmental risks and violation of obligations via the Compliance Reporting Channels.

More information on our Compliance Reporting Channels and the link where you can anonymously and confidentially submit a complain can be found under the following website:


Gabriella Gyori
Gabriella Gyori
Human Rights Officer / Corporate Sustainability