KWS plans a change in legal form and a stock split

Ad hoc disclosure
Publication of insider information in accordance with Article 17 MAR

KWS SAAT SE (ISIN DE0007074007)

Einbeck, September 3, 2018. The Supervisory Board and Executive Board of KWS SAAT SE decided today to prepare a change in legal form to a partnership limited by shares (KGaA) and a stock split at a ratio of 1:5. As part of the change in legal form, KWS SAAT SE would be converted into an SE & Co. KGaA. The aim of the change in form is to sustainably further the company’s continuing growth strategy. As a KGaA, KWS will be able to leverage future growth opportunities with greater agility and flexibility and raise the equity required for that without losing the company’s character as a listed family business. As part of the change in legal form, the newly formed KWS SE will join the company as general partner. It will be majority owned by investment companies of the shareholder families C.-E. Büchting and Arend Oetker. Its Executive Board will be identical to the current Executive Board of KWS SAAT SE. The change of legal form will not result in liquidation of the company or formation of a new legal entity. The company’s legal and economic identity will be retained. In order to increase the share’s fungibility, a stock split at a ratio of 1:5 is being prepared. Concurrently, there is to be a capital increase from company funds, i.e. reserves will be converted into capital stock. The stock split will not result in any changes to the stakes held. The shareholders do not need to make any additional cash payments. Executive Board and Supervisory Board are still to decide on the agenda of the forthcoming Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on December 14, 2018.

The Executive Board