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    We let future
    fields grow
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    We let future
    fields grow
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    We let future
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Thinking in terms of generations means growing together. With high-yielding seed products and extensive knowledge, we support our farmers in utilizing their full potential. This way, we ensure efficient agriculture with lasting success. Today and in the future.

Grandparents, parents, children – all under one roof. Life and work on a farm is usually characterized by family cohesion and traditions that have grown over decades. And by changing times. To meet the agricultural challenges of the future, farmers think in terms of generations rather than quarters. They invest not for the moment, but for the long term – with the aim of continuing to develop their farms and fields so that they can be passed on to the next generation fit for the future.

A continuous, successful path that connects us as KWS with our farmers: Since 1856, our founding families have managed and developed the company independently and sustainably. It is a matter close to our hearts – and it´s more topical than ever. With our campaign #ThinkingInGenerations, we look behind the scenes of agricultural "multigenerational projects" and show people who fight with heart and passion for an agriculture with future. Young and old – moving forward together.

Best of Farmer Portraits - a look behind the farm gates of this world!

Farmers around the world look after their farms and fields - and their families. Because building the future also means passing on shared values and farming knowledge to children, not just thinking about today, but for generations to come. This is how the legacy of a farm lasts for decades.

Farmers on four continents have opened the doors of their farms to us and revealed what it means to shape the future with heritage. This has resulted in impressive farmer portraits that tell the big and small family stories from the fields of this world in a varied and entertaining way.

The future is ready!

This farm has been running since 1900,
and now my children are here.
Arco Van Triest, Netherlands
Meet more farmers all over the world.

KWS offers solutions for the next generations!

With our huge wealth of experience and our extensive knowledge, we help bring about solutions that provide answers to the agricultural challenges of tomorrow. This way, together with coming generations of farmers, we continue to sow the future.

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