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From sowing to harvest

KWS advises you on relevant issues of agriculture. Beside our helpful digital tools & calculators, we have gathered our expertise and experience for various topics such as sowing, stock management or harvesting to assist farmers when it comes to decision making. At the moment, we are preparing expert knowledge for most of our markets focusing on region specific demands for higher yield. This expert knowledge has been collected over the years in different countries all over the world. It will be availeble on our subsidiaries websites for the following topics:

Our consulting topics


KWS supports you in finding the best variety for your individual specifications. Variety choice based on habitat demands, seed protection and quality criteria’s guide you through the relevant categories for finding the variety for best possible outcomes.


When it comes to sowing, our experts consult our customers regarding habitat requirements and tillage to seeding rate, seedtime and the ideal sowing depth. Our advises help you to make the right decisions from the very beginning.

Stock Administration

Want to protect and fertilize your crops more efficient and sustainable? Learn about different techniques, new developments and applications. Furthermore our disease radar helps you identify the source of damages by providing you excellent footage for common diseases and pests.


For every crop, the timing and process of harvest is different and we see a lot of improvements that still can be done. Our database helps you to find the right timing and technique to maximize yield. Further advises about storage and ensiling support you as well.


Helpful advises for biogas usage and feeding help you to use your harvest efficient and sustainable. We provide studies regarding the performance of different crops when it comes to cattle or pig feeding to support your animal husbandry.

Getting started with KWS varieties is easy

Click on your country to get redirected to the countries website. In each country we sell different crops and varieties which are adjusted to match the climate conditions and market needs.

Personal consultants

Personal contact with our customers is extremely important for KWS. Our consultants will visit you direct at your location to get a good impression of your needs. With their expert knowledge they can support you right on-site and give you the best advice.

Every crop has its own consultants for distinct regions. This way the consultant is familiar with the climate of that region and can give you specific advice.

Personal contact with our customers is our top priority. Our consultants will visit you on-site to understand your specifications and requirements. With their expert knowledge they support you right on-site and give you the advises and consulting. For every crop dedicated consultants for distinct regions provide you with specific advice. Find your local partner by visiting your local country website listed in the table above.