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    Digital Innovation Accelerator (DIA)
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The DIA is KWS Group’s innovation team dedicated to collaborating with companies and organizations who are developing innovative, digital technologies. Work with us to pilot your solution in real-world environments at an independent, world-renowned agricultural company. ​

​We are a global team with a presence in cities that are major agricultural & tech hubs, including St. Louis, Einbeck, Boston, and Berlin.​

We aim to rapidly find, test, and bring in innovations that will provide the most value to KWS and prepare our company and customers for the future of farming. We have identified four areas of focus that we believe will help KWS lead the path to that future. We look for and engage with potential collaborators who are developing solutions in these areas: the automated and connected farm, farmimg with less, farmer engagement and GxExM.

Areas of focus

The automated and connected farm

We believe farms of the future will be even more automated and connected than they are today. We’re seeking solutions in IoT, autonomous navigation, robotics, as well as technologies that improve rural broadband access.

Farming with less

We believe that climate change, declining arable land, and increasing population will mean that future farms will need to make do with less. We’re seeking solutions that facilitate better use of limited resources to enable sustainable farming.

Farmer engagement

We believe farmer needs will lead technology development. We’re looking for technology that enhances the life of the farmer and helps us to better connect with our customers.


We believe the true potential of agriculture will be unlocked by understanding the relationships between genotype, environment, and management. We’re interested in technology capable of connecting the dots.

Technologies of focus

Our pursuit of our four core focus areas (The automated and connected farm, Farming with less, Farmer engagement, and GxExM) have led us to initiate projects involving these primary technologies:

Selected collaborations

EarthSense, Inc.

Breeding station | Champaign, IL March 2018 – Sept 2018

An ultra-compact, remote-controlled phenotyping robot and co-creation of machine learning driven models for trait classification in wheat.

RFID in the GRC

Greenhouse | St. Louis, MO Sept 2018 – Nov 2018

RFID chips and readers to automate individual plant tracking for track & traceability of transgenic material in greenhouse; RFID reading devices as components in an IoT environment for direct delivery to KWS databases.

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