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    Digital Innovation Accelerator (DIA)

About the DIA

The DIA is KWS Group’s digital innovation team dedicated to collaborating with startups and organizations who are developing innovative, digital technologies. Work with us to pilot your solution in real-world environments at an independent, world-renowned agricultural company. ​

​We are a global team with a presence in or near cities that are major agricultural & tech hubs, including St. Louis, Einbeck, NYC, Boston, and Berlin.​

We rapidly find, test, and launch innovations that will provide the most value to KWS and prepare our company and customers for the future of farming. We have identified five major areas of focus that we believe will help KWS lead the path to that future. We look for and engage with potential collaborators who are developing solutions in these areas: the Smart Field Research, Automated & Connected Farm, Farmer of the Future, Seed to Table, and Adapting to Climate Change.

Focus Areas

Automated & Connected Farms

Farms of the future will be even more automated and connected than they are today. We’re seeking solutions in IoT, autonomous navigation, robotics, as well as technologies that improve rural broadband access.

Adapting to Climate Change

Facing climate change, declining arable land, and increasing population, future farms will need to do more with less. We’re searching for innovations that facilitate better use of limited resources to promote sustainable, precision farming.

Farmer of the Future

Farmer needs drive digital agriculture development. We're looking for technology that enhances farmers' lives both on and off the farm, promoting better connection and engagement in the 21st century, and strengthening the connection to our customer, the farmer.

Seed to Table

Many consumers are interested in knowing where their food was grown and how it was produced. By enabling track and traceability technologies, you can learn the entire journey of your meal, from seed to table. We're interested in solutions that help facilitate transparent supply chains.

Smart Field Research

As the world's leader in sugar beet breeding, we face similar challenges that farmers do. We're looking for innovative ways to accelerate field research.

Technologies We Test

The pursuit of our focus areas have led us to projects involving several technologies, including artificial intelligence, IoT, analytics, robotics, blockchain, and aerial imagery.

What do we offer for startups and potential partners?

Real-world Test Environments

Whether you’re developing a solution for the lab, greenhouse, or field; our world is your oyster. And we have activities in 70 countries across the globe!​

Financial Support

We think what you’re working on is valuable. We’re happy to be a paying beta-tester or early adopter. We’ll provide the means to support a pilot of your technology with us.

Personal Connections

It goes without saying, but you’ll establish real relationships with decision-makers in our company. We’ll connect you with a dedicated PM to co-lead the pilot with you, and you’ll have access to KWS staff who would be potential end users of your solution.


We’ll champion your solution both inside our company and to the world. This press release is just one example of what we could do: World of Farming

Selected Collaborations

  • EarthSense

    Cereals | Breeding station | Champaign, IL | 2018
    Phenotyping robot and machine learning models for trait classification in wheat.

  • Arbre Technologies | William Frick & Co.

    Corn | Greenhouse | St. Louis, MO | 2018
    RFID chips and reading devices as components in an IoT environment for direct delivery to KWS databases.

  • FaunaPhotonics

    Canola/OSR | Seed Production | United Kingdom | 2020
    Automated in-field insect identification and data collection system.

  • Well Principled

    Sugar beet | Supply Chain | Einbeck, Germany | 2020
    Artificial intelligence to optimize seed quality and supply chain processes.

  • GrainSense

    Cereals | Sales & Digital Services | Einbeck, Germany | 2020
    Handheld IoT sensor to capture grain quality parameters on-farm before harvest.

  • Integrity

    Sugar beet | Sugar manufacturer | North Dakota, US | 2019 – 2021
    Monitoring the quality of harvest and increasing transparency within a supply chain.

  • Juice Immersive

    Cereals | Consumer Products | United Kingdom | 2021-2022
    Exploring applied XR as a means to reach new customers.

  • MJL

    Cereals | Sales | United Kingdom | 2021
    Providing a virtual farm and product tour during pandemic lockdowns.

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