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    "Future Day" - Fascination of Plants Day

Future Day at KWS in line with Fascination of Plants Day

KWS is holding its Future Day on March 28. True to the idea of the Fascination of Plant Day, young people can gain an insight into working with plants. As in previous years, students can learn about the many tasks involved in plant breeding and seed production and try out many things for themselves.

It is now a good tradition: the fifth international "Day of the Fascination of Plants" is proclaimed worldwide by plant scientists under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). KWS is happy to join the initiative again.

Our aim is to interest as many people as possible all over the world in the diverse and often fascinating properties of plants. We also want to show and inspire the importance of plant sciences for agriculture and the sustainable production of nutritious food.

Future Day

Future Day at KWS Students forming the KWS logo

Fascinating stories about plants and their breeding

The breeders at KWS have been enthusiastic about plants for more than 160 years and are fascinated by them. In our World of Farming, we show how diverse this work is and in what areas it supports farmers. There we explain why drones play an important role for our breeders. Or how the view from space helps farmers. And that there are no chemical agents to help combat some plant diseases - only breeding is a way out. Let it fascinate you, too!