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    PollenPLUS technology

What is PollenPLUS technology?

PollenPLUS: Reducing the risk of ergot infection

The innovative PollenPLUS technology from KWS ensures significantly improved pollen formation in hybrid rye and effectively strengthens the plants’ resistance to ergot: The increased pollen shedding prevents the fungus from penetrating the stigmas, the flowers are fertilized faster and the glumes close sooner – meaning the hybrid rye has the best possible protection.

advantages PollenPLUS


PollenPLUS Technology
Can help to support ergot defense

Hybrid Rye has lower nitrogen requirements

-0,5 kg N
per 100 kg
harvested grain compared to wheat

Hybrid Rye increased grain yield up to

10 %
in 10 years from 2009 to 2019
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Hybrid Rye has lower water requirements

25 %
less than wheat

PollenPLUS varieties have a

Pollen shedding capacity
KWS-icon-Pfeil-geradeaus-schwarz Copy 3

PollenPLUS technology

starts with seeds
For KWS, the continuous improvement of ergot resistance is the most important breeding target, besides grain yield and stability of modern hybrid rye varieties.
Kristof Stolze, KWS Global Portfolio Manager

“In order to be able to evaluate our varieties even earlier and compare them with the current portfolio, we have set up our own trial network, based on the official trial system. There KWS varieties are tested for ergot resistance at five different locations in Germany and Poland to identify varieties with highest pollen shedding potential.”


Harold Verstegen
Harold Verstegen
Head of Global Product Development
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