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Versatile, climate-friendly and healthy: Oilseed rape makes fields more productive than ever!

They add accents of color to landscapes and are the image of one of the world's most important oilseeds: the yellow rapeseed fields. Rapeseed is still a young crop that is cultivated worldwide and can achieve high yields: The four largest rapeseed producers alone – Canada, the EU, China and India – will generate a total yield of 72.8 million tons in 2021/22, with the highest yields coming from Europe. One reason for the consistent success of rapeseed is the stable demand at a high level. In Europe, it is the preferred oil – as an environmentally friendly fuel and a versatile vegetable oil for healthy nutrition. And it's all sustainable because it can be grown locally!

Be part of the rapeseed world tour and grow with us!

Winter grain rapeseed is one of the most profitable crops in European arable farming. Within the European Union, farms achieve the highest yields per hectare.
Agri Benchmark Report 2020

Source: FAOSTAT 2019

Rapeseed is sustainable in many ways!

Rapeseed is the most important and profitable catch crop in a crop rotation dominated by cereals. The soil is activated with important nutrients, remains loose, healthy and gains structure – the ideal conditions for handing over a cultivated field to the next generation.

In addition, rapeseed offers many other advantages for sustainability:

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