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The 79th IIRB Congress takes place in Bruxelles, Belgium, on February 27th & 28th 2024.

The theme of the congress is "Innovation: our driver for a profitable and ecologically balanced sugar beet production". KWS is present with 2 presentations and 9 posters presented during the poster sessions.

KWS - Focus on Solutions

KWS posters at the IIRB Congress 2024

  • Gaining ground against Cercospora – Sustainable disease control with CR+

    pdf | 285 kB

  • CR+ Management Goal: GREEN LEAVES UNTIL HARVEST – An integrated management concept for Cercospora control in sugarbeet

    pdf | 786 kB

  • CONVISO® SMART: Driving innovation in sugarbeet weed control

    pdf | 3 MB

  • Control of groundkeepers from ALS-tolerant sugarbeet in following crops

    pdf | 2 MB

  • CONVISO® SMART launch Germany – customer satisfaction and stewardship management hand in hand

    pdf | 593 kB

  • Managing Virus Yellows in Sugarbeet – An Integrated Approach

    pdf | 2 MB

  • Deploying wild beet resistance sources for breeding SBR tolerant sugarbeet varieties.

    pdf | 5 MB

  • Sugarbeet fine root distribution: root imaging analysis platform for sugarbeet root system measurement

    pdf | 3 MB

  • KWS BEETROMETER® – How to produce a representative sugarbeet sample

    pdf | 2 MB

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Empowering Agriculture with Effective Weed Control

Revolutionize sugarbeet farming with CONVISO® SMART: advanced herbicide-tolerant KWS varieties paired with CONVISO® ONE, a targeted ALS herbicide.


The new generation Cercospora varieties

CR+: We change the rules.

The new generation Cercospora varieties follows a new rule: A high level of tolerance AND a high performance under both high and low Cercospora pressure.


CR+ Management

CR+ varieties offer new and excitingly strong options to push back Cercospora. In many cases Cercospora spots appear later, the disease progression is slowed down and disease severity is reduced. This allows to rethink Cercospora Management towards a more field-tailored approach.


Virus Yellows

Virus Yellows is one of the most important diseases that affected sugarbeet in the early 70’s. With the introduction of seed treatment insecticides to control the aphids that transmit the disease, Virus Yellows lost its importance for many years.

Nowadays, a combination of mulptiple factors resulted in a coming back of the disease and reintroduced an unwelcomed threat to sugarbeet growers in many countries.


The innovative beet quality analysis system

High quality sugarbeet analysis with low efforts
Rooted in the sugar value chain for more than 160 years, KWS has shaped the development of innovative sugarbeet quality analysis. Here we present the future of beet analysis technology: KWS BEETROMETER®.

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