Tuğba Şimşek: Drawing Lines - invitation to a guided tour of the exhibition

Einbeck, 27.02.2020

Tuğba Şimşek inspires with their art. Without a permanent production site, she processes the experiences and events on her travels. The "Drawing Lines" exhibition with a total of 137 works by the artist was opened in February on the premises of the KWS Biotechnikum. On Thursday, March 5 th, at 6.30 p.m., the artist Tuğba Şimşek will guide visitors through the exhibition.

"Drawing Lines" reflects the many places and impressions that the artist has visited and experienced on her travels. The drawings are something special, so Tuğba Şimşek draws without looking at the paper. The work is complete as soon as her gaze falls back on the drawn. Next Thursday, the artist herself will lead through her exhibition of drawings, ceramics and sculptures. Interested people are cordially invited to talk to her. Drinks and small snacks will be provided.

Bettina Alex is happy to accept registrations for these at KWS: Phone 05561 311-638, e-mail kunst@kws.com.

"Drawing Lines" - Tuğba Şimşek

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