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Exhibition: alles bleibt anders
Aloneliness - Sinja Sophie Lammers

When was the last time you rode a bike without a destination?
And why?
What do you feel like doing?
Can you hear how you feel?
Do you like spending time with yourself?
And are you actually friends with yourself?
Do you like being alone with yourself?

In the book "Aloneliness" I dealt with my everyday questions to create an awareness of my own well-being. The need for freedom, for spontaneity and the chaos of self-discovery of a young adult are reflected on the pages of the book.

"Alonelinsess" is a small paperback book that is spontaneous and practical to be taken anywhere if it wants to. It does not care if it gets dirty. It even wants everyone to see that it experiences things. And somehow it screams. For what?

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