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Exhibition: alles bleibt anders
Do I change course - Dorothee Weinlich

After arrival, the studio on Langeneß was quickly set up. We began right away with creative writing. I led the exercise, everyone took part, I wrote too. Suddenly there was a question in my handwriting on the page in front of me: "Do I change course?" - Ambiguous. I took the phrase as the motto for my own artist's book this year.

So it's about stopping and seeing if the course is still right. What does the inner compass say? How long has it been fidgeting? When did I lose orientation?

Then in May I had the courage to become radical.
I took a risk so that I would not risk myself.
I tore myself away from the established idyll. Where everything was good. Where I could have grown old.
I freed myself from the unreflective atmosphere of the suburbs. Where the bourgeois narrative allows poison to be sprayed on daisies and dandelions.

What are my own narratives? In which beliefs and threads of history am I entangled? Does the thought of the Enneagram, which I receive every morning at 6:15, help? Changing course. Radical. One's own history called for a different script. Now I'm practicing a new ABC.

The book has 64 pages. The three layers with 16 pages each are bound with chain stitching. The book cover is made of 1.5 mm cardboard with marquetry on the front and back. The cardboard for the marquetry is laminated in a thickness of 1 mm. The bookplate is covered with yellow-green bookbinding fabric. A small wooden panel is embedded on the front side. On the board is written with chalk pencil the book title "Do I change course?" On the back of the cover a river with a winding torrent is embedded. I chose this type of book binding because I wanted to create a stable and protective cover for my contents.

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