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Exhibition: alles bleibt anders
On my way - Nele Karla Maria Brüske

When we were introduced to the topic "What I always wanted to say", I was at first totally overwhelmed. When I arrived at Langeneß, I had turned away from the idea of working on something that was so overly complex. Instead, I decided on a topic that was currently buzzing around in my head: travel.

Getting out of the daily grind and into a different environment. Enjoy a completely new life for a short time, come to rest, recharge your batteries, experience adventure. A holiday can be this and much more, but I wanted to concentrate on myself, on what a holiday means for me.

That is why the destination in my book also is the sea. It is a diary about Langeneß, as well as a memory of the many holidays I have already spent in the area.

The book is divided into four chapters, because I also divide a journey into four sections: The stressful preparation, the journey filled with anticipation and calmness, the holiday itself and its decelerating effect, and the return journey, which unlike the outward journey is guided by the calmness of the holiday.

I designed the pages just as calm. Chapter by chapter, they become more and more simple and gentle in color, as well as more and more light in design, both in pictures and text. Like the stress that disappears with the journey and leaves you in a completely different mental environment.

Everyone should have a place where they can recharge their batteries, rebuild, and enjoy life free from external constraints. I found this place in North Frisia and its wide tidal flats. This artist's book is a manifestation of this area, as it has grown very close to my heart.

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