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Exhibition: alles bleibt anders
We’re going on a bear hunt - Carla Aufleger

In this book Carla Aufleger interprets Michael Rosen's children's book 'We’re going on a bear hunt' from 1989, which shows in abstract form the story of a family that has to overcome many hurdles during a long walk. When they look into a dark cave, they see a big bear. Pink tracks show that the family now has to run back at a very fast pace. In the end, the family reaches the sheltered family home and then get together in a large, warm bed. For Carla Aufleger this book was very formative in her childhood; for her, the story contains an insatiable thirst for adventure, never-ending curiosity and strong family ties.

The artist's book was bound in a chain-stitch binding and then glued. The bookplate was covered with a sand-colored textile to show the roughness of the story and the nature in in and to underline and emphasize the content. The flap gives the hardcover a special touch; the pink elastic band creates a small color connection to the content.

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