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    On Saturday June 10, 2023, artist Katharina Kühne will be on site from 12-6 p.m.

    NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge
    in Einbeck

Of Harmony and Disrepair – Katharina Kühne

Katharina Kühne explores the structures of life, which she interprets painterly, installative and sculptural in her artistic work. Thus, in the rooms of NEWCOMER, she shows ceramic sculptures and works on paper in addition to painterly wall works until August 12th 2023.

On Saturday, June 10, Katharina Kühne will be at the exhibition on the occasion of the Fachwerk Kultur Sommer in Einbeck from 12 to 6 p.m. Visitors are welcome to come and talk with the artist on site.

Katharina Kühne in her atelier, image author: K. J. Kühne*

Katharina Kühne in her atelier, image author: K. J. Kühne*

In her works, the artist deals with themes and motifs such as connectedness, plant structures, interconnectedness, landscapes, underwater worlds or symbols of protection, healing, wholeness and growth. Often it is personal experiences from travels or observations on hikes that inspire her artistic work.

"Fascinated by the complex systems that make our planet a habitable place for us humans, I want my exhibition to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Earth and encourage visitors to think about how we treat the environment."

Katharina Kühne

Little Vulcano Shell by Katharina Kühne

Little Vulcano Shell by Katharina Kühne

About the artist

Katharina Kühne, born in 1992 in Lüneburg, studied fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig from 2015. With Björn Dahlem, she first completed the basic sculpture apprenticeship and then studied painting with Wolfgang Ellenrieder, whose master student she became in 2021. In 2019, she started presenting her work initially in group exhibitions, becoming the winner of the design competition of the Markthalle Wolfsburg and receiving the Deutschlandstipendium through the Kunststiftung Kunze. Solo exhibitions follow as well as a catalog scholarship from Hannover Rück and Kickstarter graduate funding from the art fund "Neustart Kultur".

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