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Here you will find all the news about our art at KWS. Feel free to browse through some of our press releases and discover exciting information on current exhibitions, background stories and additional topics related to Art at KWS.

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KWS Art in the BiT


Matter, Energy and Space Michael Burges in the BiT

As part of Art in the BiT, the Düsseldorf-based internationally active artist Michael Burges is showing us a selection from the series "Reverse Glass Paintings" and "Virtual Space Works": The exhibition “Matter, Energy and Space" will open on Wednesday, March 20 at 6 p.m. in the KWS Biotechnikum.


Art meets the young future – Rolf Behme inspires pupils to engage in creative exchange

Art met education in a unique way when the Hildesheim artist Rolf Behme guided 55 pupils from the art performance courses at the Paul-Gerhardt-Schule in Dassel and the tenth grade at the Goetheschule Einbeck through his fascinating exhibition "beziehungsweise n" (“relation ways”).

The exhibition is on display as part of the "Kunst im BiT" series at the KWS Biotechnikum in Einbeck until February.

Artist Rolf Behme, Dr. Sabine Foraita from HAWK Hildesheim and Dr. Felix Büchting, spokesman of the executive board at KWS at the exhibition opening

Exhibition „beziehungsweise n“ by Rolf Behme in the KWS Biotechnikum

Relationships are fundamental for living in a society. The paintings, photographs and sculptures of the Hildesheim artist Rolf Behme have relationships as one common theme: relationships between persons and objects, between persons and situations, between people.

The exhibition can be seen until February 1, 2024. Several guided tours are planned the dates of which will be announced in time.


Edible art: exhibition „Gloria“ by Sebastian Körbs opens in KWS Biotechnikum

Edible art – at the vernissage of the exhibition by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Körbs that opened at KWS' Biotechnikum, the visitors were presented a work of art they were allowed to taste: an ornament composed of 1600 small cookies in different forms.


"Performance": Photo exhibition by Frank Stefan Kimmel opens at KWS Biotechnikum

The exhibition by photographer Frank Stefan Kimmel, which opened at KWS Biotechnikum under the title "Auftritt," tells of life with and on the stage. With his photographs and accompanying interview texts, he introduces 25 actors and musicians such as Iris Berben, Götz Alsmann, Romy Haag, Ulrich Matthes and Martin Lindow.


Petra Lemmerz’ exhibition "Floating Substances" opens at KWS Biotechnikum

Colors are the undisputed protagonists in the works of artist Petra Lemmerz, which are on display at the KWS Biotechnikum under the title "Floating Substances". Some of the 16 large-format paintings literally float in the glass research building. Her series of paintings are abstract - no depiction of objects or landscapes, simply painting as painting.


Artist talk: "Gegenhochdoppel" by Degenhard Andrulat

The works of the artist Degenhard Andrulat have enriched the KWS Biotechnikum research building over the past few weeks under the title "Gegenhochdoppel". At the finissage, Andrulat's wish was fulfilled for an artist talk in which visitors could also participate; unfortunately, this was not possible at the opening of the show for reasons of infection control. Together with the biologist and virologist Professor Dr Ulrich Kalinke (Hannover)...


Art meets Science: Wonderful perspectives open when art and science meet in an exhibition

Three colleagues from KWS' Research and Development department, Susana Martin Ortigosa, Christina Rode and David Pacheco Villalobos, are always amazed at the mysterious images and perspectives they encounter every day in research and their routine work. ...


Art at KWS - Cancellation of the planned events in BiT and in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER

Art events that were planned by KWS in the Biotechnology Center and in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER for the next four weeks will be cancelled due to current developments regarding the coronavirus.


Tuğba Şimşek: Drawing Lines - invitation to a guided tour of the exhibition

Tuğba Şimşek inspires with their art. Without a permanent production site, she processes the experiences and events on her travels. The "Drawing Lines" exhibition with a total of 137 works by the artist was opened in February on the premises of the KWS Biotechnikum. On Thursday, March 5 th, at 6.30 p.m., the artist Tuğba Şimşek will guide visitors through the exhibition.


KWS Board Spokesman Dr. Felix Büchting, Yihsuan Chiu, Studio Manager of Hangama Amiri Studio and Michael Stoeber, art historian from Hanover

"Quiet Resistance" – textile art by Kaiserring scholarship holder Hangama Amiri on display in the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge

The embroidered chiffons refer on the one hand to the domestic activity of sewing and on the other to a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation but is culturally ignored and often remains hidden. In the exhibition at NEWCOMER, the chiffons not only celebrate the women's craft, but also refer to the architecture of the gallery, entering into a dialog with it.

“With her exhibition, the artist empathetically points out social grievances of women, who, despite the restrictions on their freedoms and rights, will not be discouraged and create their own space for personal expression," said Dr. Felix Büchting, spokesman for the KWS Executive Board, at the vernissage.

Opening of the SCREENPLAY exhibition by Gruppe Stumpf

"Screenplay" by Gruppe Stumpf transforms the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge into a multiverse

The artists have developed a concept especially for the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge that separates the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery, but also connects them again. Even the brief glimpses through the gallery panes arouse curiosity.

NEWCOMER becomes a multiverse and makes it possible for the first time to see an essential part of the exhibition with the moving image without having to enter the gallery.

Evening impressions of the gallery entrance to the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, which also opens for "Art on Sunday" and shows SCREENPLAY by Gruppe Stumpf.

"Art on Sunday" during Advent – five exhibition venues in Einbeck open their doors on December 10

Between 2pm and 5pm, the newly opened exhibition SCREENPLAY by the Stumpf Group at NEWCOMER presents a multiverse of sound and image productions. It creates new spatial and sensory experiences between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A portrait of the Gruppe Stumpf who opens an exhibition in NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge on November 30

Vernissage SCREENPLAY by Gruppe Stumpf in the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge

Jan Neukirchen and Christian Lohre are Gruppe Stumpf. Since 2014, they have been operating in the field of tension between sculpture, installation, sound art and performance.

Especially for NEWCOMER, the artists have developed a concept that separates the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery, but also reconnects them. In this way, they allow the controversial features mentioned above to interact with each other.

Exhibition's opening with Sabine Müller, artist, Dr. Jule Hillgärtner, Director of the Kunstverein Braunschweig, Bettina Alex, KWS Public Affairs & Arts

A THING THAT MAKES A CASTLE – Sabine Müller’s exhibition at the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge

Small commonplace situations often fade into the background in daily life. With her artistic categories of painting and drawing, photography and video, or as an object sculpturally formed in ceramics and porcelain, Sabine Müller brings these into the viewer's focus.

The exhibition can be seen until November 10 in the rooms of the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge in Tiedexer Straße in Einbeck.

Executive Board member Eva Kienle, artist Katharina Kühne and historian Alexander Leinemann

"Of Harmony and Disrepair" – Works by Katharina Kühne on display at the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge

Katharina Kühne examines the structures of life. She interprets them in her artistic work in a painterly, installative and sculptural way. "Based on an admiration for our planet and the complex systems that make it a habitable place for us humans, I would like to depict the beauty and diversity of the earth and at the same time encourage us to reflect on our treatment of the environment," she says.

Frank Thiele, Kunsthaus, Bettina Alex, NEWCOMER, Imke Weichert, Einbecker StadtMuseum

Einbeck Art Sunday: NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, StadtMuseum and Kunsthaus open their exhibitions again on April 16.

Spring invites you to take a stroll through downtown Einbeck on a Sunday afternoon. On April 16, between 3 and 5 p.m., art can be enjoyed at several locations: The NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge, the StadtMuseum and the Kunsthaus will open their current exhibitions.


„Hidden Places“: NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge shows large-format paintings as windows into another reality

With the new exhibition at the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge in Einbeck, the artist is taking visitors on a journey into his large-format image worlds. Entitled "Hidden Places," the photographs can be seen in the rooms in Tiedexer Straße until December 30.


Johnny Linder: "Dealing with uncertainty"

Camera-less photography has been the focus of the latest exhibition at the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge in Einbeck since August 25. Johnny Linder's photographic images are created the chemical, physical way without the use of a camera. "Instead of fixing illusionary snapshots of reality, I am looking for images that deal with materiality, durability and time," says the artist.


Exhibition finale "bara gaman by Philipp Valenta

One last opportunity to view the exhibition "bara gaman" in the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge and the artist talk with Philipp Valenta.


Just for the fun of it? „bara gaman“ in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER

Is everything on display at the KWS Art Lounge in Tiedexer Straße in Einbeck just for the fun of it? The title of conceptual artist Philipp Valenta’s exhibition suggests this, since „bara gaman“ is Icelandic and means „all fun“. In his multimedia and expansive works, Valenta succeeds in translating frictions, oddities and problems into images and sounds. The ostensibly humorous title of the exhibition is interpreted fatalistically and shows that not everything is „bara gaman – just fun“ indeed.


bara gaman. Exhibition by Philipp Valenta in the rooms of NEWCOMER

Conceptual artist Philipp Valenta has been investigating Icelands relationship between economy and ecology, analysing and questioning critical phenomena and processes, some of which extend far beyond the borders of the state.


Open House at NEWCOMER: Fascinating visual worlds from everyday work at KWS - Art meets Science Colleagues guide through the exhibition

The joint fascination of three colleagues for the special aesthetics of the perspectives that can be perceived in everyday work developed into a creative project that has motivated many other colleagues to take part. Next Friday, Sept. 24, 2021 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Art meets Science team will be on site for visitors.


Fascinating images from our daily work at KWS: "Art meets Science" at NEWCOMER

The joint fascination of three colleagues for the special aesthetics of the perspectives that can be perceived in the daily work developed into a creative project that motivated many other colleagues to take part. "Art meets Science" with more than 200 pictures has already been exhibited in KWS' new research building in 2020. Starting September 4, NEWCOMER will present the works and document the creative process.


NEWS from NEWCOMER: July to September 2021.

The exhibition "On time at forever!" by Kaiserring scholar Alexander Iskin is coming to an end. Next Sunday, 25.07.2021 from 13.00 to 18.00 and for the finissage on Friday, 30.07.2021 from 17.00 to 20.00, interested visitors:inside have once again the opportunity to dive into the colorful world of interrealism. On Saturday, 24.07.2021 the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge will be closed. From 31.07. to 03.09.2021 the gallery will go on summer break.


Virtual cultural moment: "Spring Awakening" with actress Julia Hansen in the new rooms of NEWCOMER KWS Art Workshop

A virtual cultural moment has now been created in the new premises of the NEWCOMER KWS Art Workshop right next to the Art Lounge in Tiedexer Straße in Einbeck: a video entitled "Spring Awakening - Reading with Julia Hansen". The actress and singer recites German and English poetry on the beginning of spring. "Poetry is music, is rhythm, is emotion captured in linguistic images," says Julia Hansen at the beginning of the roughly one-hour video, which can be found on the Art at KWS YouTube channel until June 17.


"On time @ 4ever!” by Kaiserring Scholar Alexander Iskin online and with time slots in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER

What is the current relationship between virtual and physical reality in our lives? The artist Alexander Iskin has been dealing with this question for years, has found the concept of inter-reality for the hybrid forms of everyday life and introduced it into art as inter-realism.


Coming soon to NEWCOMER! Alexander Iskin, Kaiserring Scholar 2020

On time @ 4ever! Alexander Iskin, Kaiserring Scholar 2020

Exhibition in the rooms and online from 15. April to 17. June 2021
More information at a later time!


The KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER may open again!

Dear art friends,

simply book by mail (newcomer@kws.com) with your contact details (first name, last name, address, telephone number). a 20-minute appointment within our opening hours to visit the exhibition from Friday, March 19, 2021.


Hot off the press: Catalogue for the exhibition "Private Rooms" by Hannah Byford

Accompanying the exhibition "Private Rooms" in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER, the catalog has now also been published, documenting and explaining in more detail the series of eleven large-format photographs by the English artist Hannah Byford. Until November 15, interested parties have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER and purchase the catalog for five euros. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale will go to the artist.


„alles bleibt anders“: KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER in digital form

In times when people cannot visit an exhibition personally, the exhibition needs to come to their home in digital form: KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER opens on May 1 its first online exhibition „ alles bleibt anders “ on the KWS art website, which is not situated in Tiedexer Straße, but until June 20th in the digital realm.


Art at KWS - Cancellation of the planned events in BiT and in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER

Art events that were planned by KWS in the Biotechnology Center and in the KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER for the next four weeks will be cancelled due to current developments regarding the coronavirus.

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