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    Healthy nutrition

Bringing healthy and affordable nutrition together

Plant-based nutrition is a trend. Healthy nutrition is becoming more important and consumers increasingly reject highly processed foods. As a result, the global market for peas and other legumes is growing steadily. Being in the seed business for many decades KWS has used its experience and R&D resources to turn the spotlight on protein crops with a new approach.

Of course, vegetables also play a major role when it comes to healthy diets for a growing world population. Therefore, KWS has entered the vegetables market in 2019, placing a strong focus on ensuring that eating vegetables is easy, tasteful, and sustainable. We focus on some of the most consumed crops, such as spinach, tomato and cucumber.

Our goal is to utilize state of the art plant breeding
to deliver improved functional ingredients from traditional crops in sustainable supply chains.
Karen Ilsemann, Research lead for KWS Nutritional Food Ingredients

Grain peas as crops of the future

Legumes are on everyone's lips: In the course of a more plant-based nutrition, the demand for peas and other legumes is steadily increasing. KWS also sees enormous potential for peas and other protein crops and already has a large potential genetic pool of pea varieties.

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Sebastian Frese
Sebastian Frese
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