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    Independence initiative

Our initiative, independence and innovation in agriculture

We owe our success to our independence, a value that connects us with our customers, with farmers who are also usually self-employed entrepreneurs.

Our family shareholders hold the majority at KWS and shape the company. This independence gives us the freedom to conduct intensive research and develop new varieties, in order to tailor our portfolio to the needs of our clients.

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    Thanks to our proximity to farmers, we are aware of their challenges.

    Dr. Peter Hofmann, Board member of KWS SAAT SE

Against the backdrop of advancing internationalization in the agricultural sector, we view trust, respect and reliability as central characteristics for relationships between independent partners.

We treat our customers as partners, see them as equal entrepreneurs and pay attention to their knowledge and experience. Our goal is to support them the best we can with our knowledge, and to respond to their needs and requirements.

This applies to the same extent, whether dealing with our cooperation partners or in daily interactions with colleagues.


Traditionally, we are a research-intensive company. Every year, around 17 percent of our turnover goes into research and breeding. Nearly 40 percent of all KWS employees contribute knowledge and experience in this area.

More than 300 new varieties reach the market each year. These are tailored to the needs of our customers in different climates and geological regions.


When our company fathers founded KWS in 1856, they laid the foundation for our company’s more than 160 years of sustainable development.

Long-term, organic growth has long since been the focus of our corporate strategy. We think and act in generations and carry our values and business ethics through to our business partners in our supply chains.


From sowing to harvest: With more than 160 years of knowledge and experience, we are able to advise farmers worldwide to help them make their decisions.

Our customers will always find competent and personal contact persons for all relevant agriculture questions with our regional advisors. In addition,
at any time, expert knowledge can be retrieved online, on the extensive consultation pages of our website.


From feeding cost calculator to satellite-based corn monitoring: In addition to expert advice, we offer a comprehensive selection of useful tools and calculators for daily farming practice.

Developed by our expert teams, they provide meaningful data and figures as a basis for relevant planning decisions. They are basically available free of charge, are continually being developed, and work both on computers and mobile devices.

The brochure on the initiative can be found here

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