1. Fields know
    many styles.
    But only one
    Seed Partner.


As a Seed Partner, we support our farmers: with expert knowledge of seeds spanning the full range of crops and comprehensive advice. In partnership. With a focus on service. And looking to the future. This is how we enable efficient agriculture with lasting success.

Changing conditions, complex agricultural challenges, and an industry in transition: There are many aspects that shape the work in the fields of this world. Keeping track of these many factors amid day-to-day life on the farm is laborious and time-consuming. As a seed partner to agriculture, KWS supports farmers with these tasks and tackles the challenges with its diverse range of seed products. In our breeding work, we focus on continuous progress, offering every farmer the right seed product for the particular characteristics of his or her field. A high-quality range for sustainable and successful agriculture.

KWS Seed Partner and farmers work together in partnership. Our consultants are always there for our farmers. Focused on solutions. With expert knowledge. As friends and colleagues. In short, as true seed partners. With the #YourSeedPartner campaign, we take an authentic look at the work of our KWS consultants and get to know the characters who drive progress in agriculture day after day together with farmers.

Future diversity calls for cooperation today.

We work hand in hand with our cultivation advisor and communicate at eyelevel.
Hannes Böse, Farmer, Germany

New perspectives on variety.

Join us up close as we provide an insight into the extensive world of agriculture with this spectacular one-shot drone flight. Enjoy unique images while we take you with us high up above. From there, you can enjoy a whole new perspective on a farm. No cuts, seamless, and direct – there’s so much to discover!

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