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    Better together -

Catch crop mix meets main crop: the
dream team for successful arable farming.

Sustainable. Diverse. Tailor-made. KWS FIT4NEXT offers catch crop mixtures that suit your farm. Without compromise. All our mixtures are specifically tailored to the respective main crop - to ensure that you always achieve the ultimate. After all, together we are strongest - just like the catch crop mixture and the main crop. With this smart duo, you not only keep your crop rotation and soil FIT, but also bind CO2 and build up humus. But just read for yourself.

  • Fact:

    10 ha of catch crops compensate the annual greenhouse gas emissions of a German citizen.

    Markus Moltan, Product Manager Catch Crops

Why catch crops belong in every crop rotation:


Catch crop mixtures are true root artists: with their combination of taproots and tufted roots, these little helpers loosen the soil and promote soil life at the same time.


More is more: catch crops are masters in biomass growth. So it's no wonder that areas cultivated with catch crops are the winners in terms of humus. And they prevent erosion at the same time.


Agriculture as a climate protector: with catch crop mixtures, you actively bind carbon in the soil. That is the essence of sustainability.

My soil is my livelihood and production basis. That's why I rely on catch crop mixtures.
Farmer Lars

Better together - success is inevitable.


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