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    12 good reasons
    for catch crops

Catch crop mixtures – combining the best

Cultivation of catch crops is gaining in importance, as it makes agronomic sense and also boosts the sustainability of arable farming. Political framework conditions also provide incentives here. Our diagram gives you an overview of the positive properties of the various crop varieties that can be cultivated as catch crops.

Catch crop diagram as PDF

The advantages of catch crops are divided into “12 good reasons”. In the areas from above ground to below, catch crops have a worthwhile effect on their environment. They enable absorption of CO2 and nutrients from the air, and they also serve as a food source for a wide variety of living organisms. On the surface of the soil, the ground cover prevents wind and water erosion and reduces evaporation. The crops also help to suppress weeds and reduce the need for herbicides.

In the soil itself, the roots of the catch crops have a positive impact. They improve the soil structure to the point of loosening and ensure greater pore volume for more air and water in the soil. Soil life is promoted, and the catch crops also serve as a food source. The roots are able to sequester nutrients and thus do a great deal to protect groundwater, and they also provide nutrients for the subsequent crop.

12 good reasons for catch crops

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