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High rapeseed yields with reduced fertilization!

Legislators in many countries are placing ever stricter limits on the use of fertilizer – among other things, the permissible amount of nitrogen is strictly regulated. The problem is that if the nitrogen is not fully absorbed by the plants, then leaching occurs. In some areas, this leads to a high concentration of nitrates in the groundwater.

A balanced supply of nutrients, however, is the basis for stable high yields, and that applies particularly in the case of rapeseed. Compared to other crops, this yellow-flowering plant needs a high level of nitrogen, among other things – and with rising prices, the use of nitrogen becomes a major cost-driver. With the Best4N! concept, KWS helps farmers achieve good rapeseed yields and thus work sustainably for the long term. The holistic solution consists of four components that work together to unleash their full potential – making rapeseed cultivation even more efficient, climate-conscious, and high-yielding.

Let´s grow with Best4N!

Our building blocks for N! optimized rapeseed cultivation – perfectly tailored to farmers’ needs:

Four advantages for certain yields.

It’s time to GROW – how we get rapeseed
fields to really flourish

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