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KWS – Your soy specialist

Soybeans are a major oilseed crop grown in the world. Diversity of adaptation to climate and different regions provides cultivation in large areas reaching good levels of productivity through genetic improvement and technologies. The production of soybean meal and soybean oil are widely used in human food and animal production due to their high levels of protein and energy.

KWS has invested heavily in the soybean seed business and has a portfolio with exclusive varieties of high yield, stability and sanity, which enables KWS to be present and to contribute with the farmers.

By staying in close contact to the agricultural and food industry, current and future practical requirements as well as regional differences are considered in the process of breeding new varieties. All these factors allow us to produce leading varieties with continually better yield, resistance and adaptability to environmental conditions.

Detailed information about the country specific products and local consultants can be found on the separate country pages, which you find in the table below.

Find the right soy seed for your country

In each country we sell different varieties which are adjusted to match the climat conditions and market needs. Find the right varieties for your country.

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