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    Joint forces against Cercospora

CR+ Management

CR+ varieties offer new and excitingly strong options to push back Cercospora. In many cases Cercospora spots appear later, the disease progression is slowed down and disease severity is reduced. This allows to rethink Cercospora Management towards a more field-tailored approach.


With less fungicides available and resistance developments towards some fungicidal mode of actions, the CR+ varieties are a strong new element in your Cercospora control strategy.

The combination of CR+ varieties with an optimized fungicide-use offers the chance to minimize diseases impact onto your crop as well as to reduce the long-term Cercospora pressure.


Even in years with exceptionally high Cercospora pressure the CR+ varieties are able to deliver high and reliable sugar yields, ensuring the productivity of your sugarbeet.


CR+ varieties in combination with classic plant protection measures offer the chance for a long-term sustainable Cercospora control: as part of a strong fungicide resistance management, CR+ varieties protect the fungicides and vice versa.

CR+ management goal is green leaves until harvest

CR+ breaks the cycle of Cercospora

by achieving the management goal "Green leaves until harvest"

Cercospora starts a never-ending cycle

Reduced Cercospora control and build up of inoculum due to less fungicides available.

This years infected leaves are the staring point for new infection next year.

CR+ breaks the cycle of infection and creates a new one

By achieving the management goal "Green leaves until harvest" your beets will stay fully productive, the inoculum level and disease pressure are reduced.

This leads to a higher longevity of fungicides as well as of the CR+ protection.

Sustainable disease management

This year's investment in combining CR+ with a targeted fungicide strategy will pay-off today and even more in the future.

For the management goal of CR+ : Protection, Productivity and Sustainability go hand in hand!

CR+: the new generation of Cercospora varietes

Get the best of both dimensions: Protection + Performance.

The new generation of Cercospora varieties follows a new rule: a high level of Cercospora protection PLUS a high yield performance under both high and low Cercospora pressure.

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Fight against pathogens

Our breeders identified the strong Cercospora tolerance of CR+ varieties in a broad range of wild beet. With classic breeding methods it was crossed into KWS` breeding material. Find out how they keep countering the pathogens in our World of Farming story "Fight against pathogens".

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