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    Videos - KWS international beet feeding seminar

Videos of KWS international beet feeding seminar 2022
(9 sessions)

Welcome in Billund - Lars Anderson

2 Perspectives on beets in dairy production - Ida Storm

3 Sugar as starch replacement - Dr. Juan Pablo Keim

4 High beet inclusion effect on herd health - Vet. John Thomsen

5 Fodderbeet and sugar in ruminent nutrition - Dr. Ir. Wilfried van Straalen

6 High sugar in cattle diets in New Zealand - Dr. Jim Gibbs

7 Looking back in beet research - Emma Marie Vallentin Hvas

8 Ensiled beet as substitute to maize starch - Mogens Larsen

9 Beets in the NorFor - a climate perspective - Cand. Agro. Ph. D. Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen

10 De novo fat acids - rumination - Jens Ole Christiansen

11 Conclusion Feeding Seminar 2022 - Lars Andersen

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