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KWS Vegetables: Global ambition to be the supplier of top quality vegetable varieties optimized for local conditions

KWS is specialized in breeding seeds. For more than 165 years we successfully developed varieties of crops. Since 2019 we extended our mission to include vegetables and established KWS Vegetables. With a team of vegetable seed specialists and an adventurous and pioneering spirit, we are seeding the future!

It’s our bold, ambitious goal to make the world more sustainable and give people a healthier diet. Our vegetable seeds for tomato, spinach, beans, red beet and a lot of other vegetables, combined with our network of specialists, are the basis to achieve this goal.

Worldwide network of experienced local farmers

At this moment KWS Vegetables is working in several countries. From Mexico to China and from the Netherlands to Turkey. In every country we work in, we strive to create vegetable varieties that are optimally adapted to the local conditions. Thanks to our collaborations with local farmers and our years of experience in breeding, we can create high quality vegetable seeds with the best properties for local circumstances. Working together with experts and companies that share our values and our drive for high quality, we will invest step by step in the years to come. In doing so, we use a three-pronged approach:
1. Organic growth
2. Licensed varieties
3. Selective acquisitions

For more than 165 years we have been developing very successfully varieties of agricultural plants. This competency will now help to build up the new business activity in vegetables.
Dr. Felix Büchting, CEO

Local partnerships to create a diverse vegetable seed portfolio for KWS Vegetables

Farmers around the globe have different needs. To meet all these, KWS Vegetables teams up with selected partners in various countries. We combine the knowledge of local circumstances from farmers with our knowledge in breeding. These partnerships are drivers for future varieties within our international breeding network. Together with our research and innovations we keep expanding our crop range. Currently, we offer high quality vegetable varieties for crops such as: tomato, spinach, beans, red beet and Swiss chard.

However, we are also focusing on peppers, cucumbers, watermelons and melons. Together with tomatoes, these are the five most important vegetable crops around the world.

We focus our breeding on the needs of the value chain, while the end-customer should be in the center of our strategy. Consequently the product needs to fit the requirements of the entire value chain – meaning to deliver high quality products with desired traits (input and output).
Simon Walter, Head of Business Unit Vegetables

Vegetable network as the strategic cornerstone

Breeding vegetables is a long-term endeavor. From the start of a breeding program to the launch of a new variety takes an average of seven years. In our Vegetable network we are specifically teaming up with companies who already have successfully embarked on this path. Therefore, this network is important for our long-term strategy.

Find our vegetable seeds for your country

Detailed information about country specific products and local representatives can be found on the separate country pages. Different varieties are offered in each country, which are adjusted to match the specific growing conditions and market needs.

Click on your country to get redirected to its website.

Developing an international breeding network

Our ambition in vegetable seeds is to be a global supplier of top quality varieties. Therefore, our Headquarters with some research facilities are located on the campus of the famous Wageningen University & Research (WUR): a world leader in Agricultural research and education. Another important breeding site is located in Andijk, in the very heart of Seed Valley, the center of plant breeding in the northwest of the Netherlands. At both locations, skilled workers, experienced breeders and researchers are collaborating to become the best in the vegetable seed industry.

In addition to our sites in the Netherlands, we are establishing state-of-the-art breeding stations in Southern Europe, Asia and Latin America. By exchanging knowledge and experience with our specialists across the globe and by reaching out to partners from regional companies and professional institutions, the most effective breeding programs are being designed to develop top quality vegetable varieties.

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