• Photo of blue plastic chairs in front of pink wall by Rolf Behme

beziehungsweise n – Rolf Behme

In his works, the artist Rolf Behme explores relationships between people, objects and situations in painting, photography and sculpture. His art is created from impressions gained while traveling.

In the exhibition "beziehungsweise n" at the KWS Biotechnikum, various forms of relationships are made visible. The exhibition runs until February 1, 2024, with scheduled guided tours, the dates of which are yet to be announced.

The steel chairs reflect human characteristics such as recklessness, timidity and dominance. The chairs are placed on pedestals at the viewer's eye level and the formation of rust symbolizes the progression of a relationship over time.

The new work named "Wahnsinn" ("Madness") created in 2023 was inspired by a field postcard of the First World War. In this work the never-ending madness of war is shown by the transformation of a soldier into an abstract visual world with a bright red box as a symbol for the long-desired solution to all conflicts.

"The relationships between people, between us and the others, between me and the people of my environment manifest in my color-intensive paintings, photographs and sculptures." – Rolf Behme

The artist – Rolf Behme

Rolf Behme, born in 1955, studied art at the Kunsthochschule and the University of Kassel. In addition to painting and sculpture, he is passionate about photographic art, which he has been actively pursuing since 1978. In 2009, he was awarded the Sparkasse Hildesheim Art Prize for his photo series "Vorsaison". In 2019, he was once again recognized for his work as a photographic artist. Until 2020, he worked as a state coordinator and subject advisor for art and as a lecturer at the University of Hildesheim. Rolf Behme lives and works in Hildesheim and is a member of the local BBK, the Association of Visual Artists.

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