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Exhibition: alles bleibt anders
- University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover

"The book enters into a dialogue with the viewer," says Professor Dorothee Weinlich in her introduction to the exhibition. (see film) The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Faculty III, Focus on Experimental Design, will show by Germany's coasts influenced artist books of the edition "alles bleibt anders".

My Heart - Riki Akahoshi

Direct to the artist books

Opportunity to become creative yourself

Three small workshops, led by Professor Dorothee Weinlich, lecturer Elena Schönsee and bookbinder Vera Burmester, offer the opportunity to become creative yourself. Take part in the workshops and learn about gelatine printing from bookbinding to creative writing and create your own personal artist book! In the first workshop, Vera Burmester will teach you step by step how to bind a book with few means.

Workshop 1: "Book Binding"

Be inspired by the books on display. Fill your book with photos, drawings, mementos and snippets. There are no limits to your creativity! Our two workshops “Creative Writing” and “Gelatine Printing” will give you further inspiration.

Workshop 2: "Creative Writing"

In the “Creative Writing”, the second workshop, we will show you a technique to find content and write a text for your artist book in a short time.

Workshop 3: "Gelatine Printings"

The special thing about gelatine printing is the uniqueness of each print. Professor Dorothee Weinlich will teach you this technique, so your artist book will become a truly unique work of art.

Each book is unique

The artist book is a means of expression - filled with thoughts, memories, statements, approaches, images and emotions. The individual books express valuable topics that the artists want to share with the reader, stories that move, touch and inspire reflection.
They worked and experimented with analogue prints, such as monotype and gelatine print. But also illustrations and collages find their place. The texts of the books are written by the artists* and worked into the book with typewriters or by hand.

Have fun browsing!

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