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Art meets science at NEWCOMER

Fascinating worlds of images are given a new space.

Three colleagues share the fascination for the aesthetics of the images taken during their daily work in scientific research.This fascination gave rise to the idea of bringing science and art together at KWS in a joint artistic and creative project.

"Find art in your daily work!" was the call from these three colleagues to all colleagues working in the area of Research and Development at KWS to take part.

This resulted in more than 200 picture submissions of the most varied motifs, which were created in the daily work process - together with the factual explanation of the picture and combined with the creative intention of the author. Depending on the perspective, a completely new meaning was given to each motif, besides its factual content.

Combined with photographic works by Hanover-based artist Volker Crone, the exhibition "Art meets Science" was brought to reality, enriching the walls of the research building on the KWS premises, which was completed in 2020, in a colorful and diverse way.

Combination of diverse shapes and colors, and changing from a pure scientific meaning to a creative artistic work are the keywords in the “Art meets Science” exhibition. This variety of motifs and colors triggers the creation of new combination possibilities in which the viewer can discover new meanings depending on their own perspective and the willingness to engage with the abstract.

"Find art in your daily work!"

Out of this motivation "Art meets Science" has also migrated to the rooms of NEWCOMER. Visitors are cordially invited to lose themselves in the variety of motifs and colors to find their own meanings, artistic approaches and to feel how science, creativity and art interact.

"Sharing the great common ground of 'never reaching the goal', art and science are always evolving and searching for new possibilities, new answers and new questions."

- Volker Crone

The picture galleries on this page offer a foretaste of a visit to the exhibition at NEWCOMER.

The artist dialogue in the exhibition Art meets Science between Elmas Senol, art historian, and Volker Crone, artist and photographer, provides a deeper insight into the topic.

You are welcome to get exciting insights into our exhibition directly on site. Look over and through our shop windows.

Art meets science at NEWCOMER
from September 4 until November 2021
Wed: 10 - 13 h
Fri: 15 - 18 h
Sat: 10 - 13 h
KWS Art Lounge NEWCOMER, Tiedexer Straße 20, 37574 Einbeck

With exhibition brochure Art meets Science

Art meets Science in Biotechnikum

About the artists - KWS & team

Volker Crone

Volker Crone first studied philosophy and technology, but then specialized in photography.The focus of his free projects is on conceptual documentary photography.

With a careful eye he works on topics from the fields of sociology, ecology and the sciences. As a consulting photographer and artist, he supported the project team during the implementation.

Elmas Şenol

Elmas Şenol (*1986 in Cologne) lives and works in Berlin. She studied art history, classical archaeology and English literature in Bonn and Rome. In 2018 she curated the first institutional solo exhibition of the Guerrilla Girls in Germany - just at the height of the #metoo and #notsurprised debates.

Her curatorial interest lies particularly in artistic positions in which formal aesthetics meet content with socially relevant themes.

Three scientists with one idea

Three colleagues from research and development, Susana Martin Ortigosa, Christina Rode and David Pacheco Villalobos, are always amazed by the mysterious images and perspectives they encounter daily in research and routine activities. The project "Art meets Science" was born from their shared fascination.

They launched an appeal to all colleagues in their fields of work, looking for images from their everyday work - microscope images, photographs, graphic representations, pictures of living cells or of rubber boots next to the door, landscapes, detailed photographs or indefinable things. About 200 pictures were sent in. You will find the results in this exhibition.

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