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Christian Holze – Vernissage Meeting Room

Art regularly emerges from art, artists quote other artists, refer to their works. Christian Holze explores the connections and intersections of art, technology and business and asks questions about authorship, commercialization and copying in the visual arts.

In his works, he combines 3D graphics, photography, painting, sculpture and installation to create hybrids.

"Meeting Room" is the title of the exhibition by Goslar-based Kaiserring fellow Christian Holze, which opened Feb. 16 and runs through May 12 at the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge and Workshop on Tiedexer Strasse in Einbeck.

Catalog presentation

Thus, a catalog will be published, which was created for both exhibitions "Time Sleep" for Goslar and "Meeting Room" for Einbeck. Christian Holze will present it in the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge on Sunday, March 19, starting at 2:30 pm and this just after the Kulturkrafttage festival, which will take place from March 17 to 19 in the PS. Speicher. NEWCOMER will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. that day.

His research topics are the interfaces between art, technology and business. In particular, he focuses on the relationship between art and art marketing. In his work, he not only explores the interrelationships of these three subject areas, but also poses questions about authorship, commodification, and copying in the visual arts. Furthermore, Holze's works connect the viewer's art historical memory with the omnipresence of commodity imagery in the digital age, disguising themselves as meta-products.

The artist conceived the exhibition "Meeting Room" especially for the rooms of the NEWCOMER Gallery. Thus, he appoints the three exhibition rooms as meeting points to make the artistic connection of the themes of his research accessible to visitors.

In the NEWCOMER KWS workshop, the artist specifically addresses the meeting culture of companies. Christian Holz's art and "Daily Work at KWS" enter into an immediate dialogue and are intended to blend together in a way that is at times barely noticeable.

Christian Holze combines different artistic categories into hybrids: Painting, 3D graphics, photography, sculpture and installation. The exploration as well as the delimitation of these categories are as essential for him as the fusion of analog and digital working practices.

In the virtual world, masterpieces of antiquity such as the Laocoon Group in the Vatican Museums or the baroque "David" by Gian Lorenzo Bernini are experiencing a revival and are marketed there in other contexts. Web portals distribute them as 3D scans for computer animation, for advertising agencies or film and television productions. The same applies to famous paintings such as Raphael's "School of Athens". On the basis of such commercially used images, the artist develops computer graphics, which he then processes and alienates in simulated space using various methods. Thus, the sculpture of the Farnese bull dominates the first exhibition space of the NEWCOMER Gallery. Here the artist works with the motif in two ways, on the one hand as a painter, on the other as a sculptor. In both versions, as a painting and as a sculpture from the 3D printer, he doubles the work and combines the part rotated by 180 degrees with his usual view to form a unity; in a sense, the copy slips into the work.

Christian Holze addresses the issue of copyright and branding through the use of digital watermarks, such as those used by online image databases. They establish ownership and authorship.

The fashion world uses logos and brand names to increase market value. Price determination and value enhancement are also linked to artist names in art. In disclosing his artistic practice of sampling and transforming existing visual material, Christian Holze refers to the product character of his artworks and at the same time claims authenticity, as they apply analogously to NFT artworks with a certificate of ownership.

From now on, when KWS colleagues meet, discuss and work there, it will happen directly in Christian Holzes art!
Stephan Krings, Head of Global Marketing and Communications

The artist – Christian Holze

Christian Holze, born in 1988 in Naumburg, studied media art, sculpture and painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (2011 to 2019), at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (2015/2016) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg (2019 to 2022). He was a guest student of Prof. Anselm Reyle (Hamburg) and a master student in the class for installation and space of Prof. Joachim Blank (Leipzig). Since 2012 he has been represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2018 he participated in the Exhibition and Residence Exchange Program at Chung-Ang University Seoul/South Korea. Christian Holze lives and works in Leipzig.

For the year 2022, he receives the Goslar Kaiserring Scholarship, which has been awarded by the Association for the Promotion of Modern Art since 1984 and has been sponsored by the AKB Foundation in Einbeck since 2014. As part of this scholarship award, Christian Holze opened his exhibition "Time Sleep" at the Mönchehaus Museum in Goslar in September 2022.

Broschure: Christian Holze – Meeting Room

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