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Bringing ancient wisdom and latest tech together

Our high-yield seeds and trusted knowledge have made us the farmers’ partner for generations. We contribute to nutrition solutions for a steadily growing world population by constantly improving genetic potential through excellent research and offering digital services to farmers through the entire year. Our shared success is the result of a corporate culture that offers entrepreneurial freedom and supports dedicated talent that develops digital solutions.

We’ll have to remain open to new technologies
and develop a joint understanding of sustainable farm management.
Mark Bieri, Head of Digital Farming Solutions

myKWS: Optimize farmers yields

Our high performance seeds and our deep knowledge of agriculture enable us to be a trusted supplier for generations of farmers. Combined in a digital service with tools and applications, we provide the best quality seeds plus services.

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Monitoring a whole
crop year

Drawing on satellite images to detect the dry matter content of cornfields, the myKWS app helps farmer Marcus Görlich keep a constant eye on the progress of the silage corn’s maturity in his fields. Just one advantage of many useful digital tools of the online platform myKWS, that provides a variety of helpful desktop and app tools and services that assist data-driven decision-making processes.

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Robots in the greenhouse

Digital solutions have long been in widespread use outside in the field, but now they’re increasingly moving into the protected area of the greenhouse. In researching the complex trait drought stress, KWS is using a sophisticated system for phenotyping corn and sugarbeet plants.

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Precision farming with drones

Drones and new digital tools developed in-house at KWS support breeders in picking the most suitable plants for their work from among the hundreds of thousands of possibilities.

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