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    Drought tolerance

Bringing less water and stable yields together

Climate change keeps posing new challenges that must be overcome. Weather extremes such as drought are expected to increase in the future. This increases the risks of sustained heat, and dry weather could lead to crop failures. Climate change could therefore be responsible for new pests and diseases that were previously considered unremarkable. Against this background, KWS plant breeders are working on new, adapted varieties, to ensure the stability of agricultural yields.

In addition to yield, yield stability is becoming key due to accelerating climate change – crop resilience to drought and stress is playing an increasingly important role.
Volker Utesch, Head of the Business Unit Corn for Europe

Triple control instead of drought stress!

Under the ClimaCONTROL3 label, KWS offers innovative, drought-tolerant grain corn varieties that derive from a dedicated research and breeding program. The number three in the name stands for the fact that drought stress can have three different impacts on plants depending on the respective growth phase: Before, during or after flowering.

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Grain sorghum - a real crop for the future!

Since 2013, KWS has been breeding sorghum for grain production with the targets of high yielding, high disease tolerance and early to mid early maturity – which is getting more and more important in times of climate change.

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