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    Beet for Feeding

Beet for Feeding - Reliable homegrown Feedstuff

Global demand for milk and meat products is growing steadily. Market developments put prices under pressure, which makes milk and meat production challenging. Farmers constantly look for options to improve their efficiency to stay competitive. ​

Feedstuff has a major impact on this:​

  • Feed costs account for the largest share of total milk production cost.​
  • Feedstuff plays a major role for animal health and welfare.​
  • Quantity and quality of feed has a strong impact on livestock performance.​

Efficiency in feeding is key for competitive farmers. KWS offers a new perspective on feeding: beet - homegrown, energy rich and highly palatable feedstuff.​

The Benefits of Beet for Feeding

A beet crop on your farm may save your working time and deliver a highly competitive feedstuff for your animals.

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Lars Andersen
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